Bhand Dewal Temple

Bhand Dewal Temple a famous temple located in Arang, Chhattisgarh Bhand Dewal Temple is situated at Arang, at 38 km from the town of Raipur. A well noted piece distinguished piece of Jain architecture style, which at present is in dilapidated condition. Bhand Dewal Temple was built in the medieval period. It is built in […]

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This is the best time for budget travelers and peace-seekers. During July to September, Pachmarhi receives heavy rainfall turning the mountains, trees, grass all bright green and gorgeous. This is the best time to visit Pachmarhi for those who love mist-covered and rain-soaked mountains. View this post on Instagram This is┬áthe best time for budget […]

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Mahadev temple, Deobaloda

It is said that this temple was built in just 6 months and that is why it is also called 6 Maashi temple. This temple is incomplete in seeing. King Vikramaditya built this temple in the 7th century. Some consider it to be the 11th century. While this temple shows the effect of Chalukya architectural […]

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Surang Tila , Sirpur

SURANG TILA, SIRPUR Surang Tila as by its name u can judge it would be huge. The temple is said to be evacuated in 2006 . There are 5 temple at the top 4 are of lord shiva and one of lord Ganesha. Bt going on top is not easy as steps are deformed frm […]

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